Contract Research

Seneb BioSciences has extensive expertise and offers a wide range of contract research services for proteins, peptides and small molecules.  Seneb services include: 

Carbohydrate Synthesis

Seneb BioSciences has developed chemical and enzymatic synthesis technologies that unlock the commercial and therapeutic potential of carbohydrate molecules. The technology, originally developed at Neose Technologies, enables the synthesis of carbohydrates from milligram to ton production scales. The company is capable of preparing the following classes of compounds:
• Oligo- and Polysaccharides
• Glycan containing antibiotics
• Glyco-amino acids and peptides
• Glycolipids (lipid sugar conjugates)
• Glycoprotein glycan remodeling
• PEGylated and polymer conjugate variants of oligosaccharides, proteins and glycoproteins
• Vaccine conjugates

Glycosyltransferase Production

Seneb has developed high level production systems for both bacterial and mammalian glycosyltransferases. Enzymes include sialyltransferases, fucosyltransferases, galactosyltransferases, GlcNAc transferases and GalNAc transferases and accessory enzymes for preparing nucleotide sugars. These can be used to produce oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, glycoproteins, glycopeptides and glycolipids.

Glycoprotein Glycan Remodeling

Enzymes are used to remodel glycoforms on proteins and glycoproteins and create glycoforms to improve the in vivo performance.

Protein Production & Purification

a) Process Development

Process development bridges the distance between the research bench and GMP manufacturing. It defines a set of specific objectives to ensure the production of a protein will be scalable, reproducible and cost-effective. Specific process development services include:

• Gene and vector optimization
• Best expressor analysis
• Cell line development
• Expression optimization
• Homogenization - extraction
• Protein purification
• Functional assays

b) Protein Expression Systems

Seneb offers extensive expertise across four expression systems for producing your recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, vaccine antigens or disease biomarkers. Whether for structural studies, functional assays, target validation or high throughput screens.

• Microbial - E. coli
• Insect - SF9 / SF21 / Tni
• Mammalian - Stable and Transient

Starting from a gene sequence or cDNA, Seneb can clone your gene (with or without affinity tags) into a commercially available expression vector or a custom vector the client provides.

c) Protein Purification

Combining skills in protein biochemistry, analytical chemistry and functional assays, Seneb delivers efficient and cost effective solutions in protein purification and process development.

Whether the protein is produced at Seneb or provided by the client as cell pellets, bacterial paste or conditioned medium, Seneb can propose a solution to quickly and cost-effectively purify your proteins to your specifications.

Purification protocols may be obtained from the client, obtained from literature, or developed de-novo at Seneb. All procedures will be approved by the contracting laboratory.

Final products are accompanied by batch records and specification sheets containing original documentation on yield, purity and identity.

• Analytical to Preparative Scale
• Microgram to gram quantities

• IEX exchange (Q, S)
• affinity (Ni, Co, FLAG, maltose, glutathione, protein A/G)
• gel filtration
• reverse-phase

Analytical methods
• SDS-PAGE (Coomasie, Silver)
• immunoblot
• Bradford
• Special High-Performance, High-Dynamic Capacity Resins
• Macro-Prep, Fastflow, Hyper D, Poros

Analytical Support

Varian-300 MHz NMR spectrometer
Finnegan LTQ Mass spectrometer
Molecular modeling and drug design software
FACS facility
Animal facility (Delaware Valley College)

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