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It is only recently in the post-genomic era that the importance of glycolipids in the development of the human nervous system and the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative and other diseases have been found to be dependent on specific glycan linkages among cells. Seneb has acquired essential intellectual property in this emerging field to pursue therapeutic development opportunities in the virtually untapped glycomics space. Glycans (also often termed sugars, carbohydrates, or oligosaccharides) are the most highly abundant and diverse of post-translational modifications on cellular lipids produced in living organisms.

The glycan and lipid moieties of glycolipids carry information that other molecules recognize and use to activate or inhibit physiologic processes such as survival and proliferation. It is the specificities of the receptors for glycolipids which provide a pipeline of discovery and therapeutic potential. Seneb’s focus is on the development of glycolipids known to participate in specific disease states and their addition to restore normal function at the cellular level.  Publications covering genetic variants that result in a deficiency of specific glycolipids or their families demonstrate that glycolipids are essential to normal human cellular functioning. Seneb has used these deficiencies to create drugs to treat Familial Hyperinsulinemia, Batten’s Disease, Huntington's Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and other diseases affecting glycolipid biosynthesis, such as Amish Infantile Epilepsy Syndrome. Animal studies have shown that the addition of glycolipids can be therapeutic and attenuate cell survival in Batten’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and other diseases.

Seneb’s unique ability to manufacture these complex structures and create glycolipids with improved properties represents a next-generation approach to the treatment of genetic neurological diseases and offers the potential to improve treatment options for patients.


Glycolipid Manufacture

Glycolipids including gangliosides contain complex glycans attached via a glycosidic linkage to a lipid moiety such as ceramide (a sphingosine that contains a fatty acid). In the past, commercialization of glycolipids has been hampered by either the high cost of glycan manufacture using traditional chemical and enzymatic processes, or safety issues related to the isolation of glycolipids from animal derived sources such as brain. Seneb’s production process avoids these issues by using a simple one step bacterial fermentation process to produce these complex glycans. Once the glycans are produced, they are chemically modified and coupled to the lipid moiety of the desired glycolipid using an enzymatic coupling process. Using this approach, Seneb has enabled a cost effective and completely scalable manufacturing process capable of producing almost any glycolipid.

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